“Where there’s a will there’s a way”: This Muslim society establishes minority university

Jodhpur: Marwar Muslim Education and Welfare Society established 32 educational institutions including a university on a sprawling campus covering an area of more than 57 acres in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Mr. Ahmed Javeed, Correspondent of Inquilab Urdu Daily interviewed Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, VC of Maulana Azad University Jodhpur.

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey informed that in 1981, a Senior Secondary School was set up in Jodhpur which was inaugurated in 1988 by the then CM of Rajasthan, Mr. Shiv Charan Mathur.

In 2013, Rajasthan Assembly passed an act in which permission was given for the establishment of Maulana Azad University. It got minority status. It has 3300 students studying in it.

It may be mentioned that in 1937, Maharaja Umeed Singh had given the gift of a school for which he had also appointed a regular British principal. After the independence of India, Govt. had seized this school in 1948.

In 1987, Govt. of Rajasthan allotted this land on which this education society started educational institutions. This university admits candidates who secure 40-50 percent marks and fail to get admission in any educational institution. An attempt is being made to bring these students into the mainstream.

Giving further details of the activities of the university, Prof. Akhtarul Wasey told that the students who do not get Govt. scholarships are given financial assistance from Zakat Fund. Last year, Rs. 14.5 lakh were given from Zakar Fund. He also said that Jodhpur has become a hub in the fields of health and education. There is an Ayurvedic University, Law University (NALSAAR) and AIIMS in Jodhpur.

He mentioned that this university does not get funds from the Govt. The members of the education society who were associated with construction work supervise the construction of the university buildings.

He appealed to the Muslims of India to come forward to donate generously for the development of this university.

It is an example of the efforts of the Muslims