Where is the Black money, Smart cities, Employment you promised Modi? Congress slams BJP

New Delhi: The BJP government has not only “broken the idea” of India but has also “hurt the soul” of the country, said longtime Gandhi family adviser and Congress leader Sam Pitroda today.

Attacking PM Modi, he alleged that Modi was “lying to the country day in and day out”, News18 reports.

“Today we are fighting one of the biggest battle of ideas,” he said adding that, “when PM Modi says, ‘India did nothing for 70 years’, I want to remind him and his colleagues, ‘India did hell of a lot’. I feel sorry for you that you don’t see it, that you don’t respect the talent and hardwork a large number of people put in, and it’s an insult to our own country.”

Speaking above saffron party‚Äôs work, Pitroda said: “Truth, this government is all about lies. Trust, there is no trust on anybody. Love, it is hate. Inclusion is exclusion. Diversity is uniformity. This bothers me. I cannot see PM of a country lying to people day in and day out,” he said.

He also urged first-time voters, students, to ensure that saffron party does not come back to power.

“Big promises were made in 2014. We will make 100 Smart Cities. How many were made? Zero. We will create 100 million jobs. How many? Zero, negative. Everything that was promised has not been delivered,” Pitroda alleged.

Taking a direct jab at Modi, he said: “You (Modi) told the people that you will bring black money back but nothing happened. You demonetised and killed small and medium scale businesses. You introduced GST and hurt small and medium scale industries.

“You took money away from education and you hurt India’s future. Science and technology is on the back-burner because you always look at the past as if you have eyes at the back. People like me worry about our children’s future, our national future. We are in a position to exercise our vote and say enough is enough.”