Where are the key promises made by KCR? Asks Kodandaram

Making big list of promises like Job and reservations and etc, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) had a historic won in election last year. But since then the ruling party is facing a massive stir from within, with thousands of students planning to hit the streets demanding the jobs.

K Chandrasekhar Rao, who was earlier hailed as a hero, has fallen off the popularity chart in these corridors.

Osmania University, once the hotbed of the Telangana agitation now again becoming a revolutionary look. Discontent is brewing and disillusioned students groups are once again making posters demanding govt to fulfill its promises.

“We are completely dejected with KCR. There are no jobs for us and we have no one to turn to. We were taken in by promises of jobs once the new state froms, but we have been left in the lurch,” says B Stalin, a student leader.

While the country’s overall unemployment rate stands at 4.9 per cent, the rate is as high as 33 per cent in Telangana, according to the latest Socio Economic Caste Census.

The TRS had promised to create 50,000 vacancies by driving out Andhraites settled in the state and passionate youth leaders were taken in by the promises that were almost impossible to achieve, say analysts.

The government, on its part, blames the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission for delaying the government job notifications.

“The government made many promises and basically, the Telangana movement was built on the issue of unemployment. But now the Telangana government does not seem to be fulfilling its promises,” said Bhaskar K, general secretary of District Youth Federation of India.