Where are the Judges? CJI asks lawyers for mentioning matters

New Delhi: Where are the Judges and you keep mentioning, Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi on Friday slammed Lawyers for impatiently mentioning matters while the there aren’t sufficient judges to attend the cases in the Supreme Court.

“Sorry, we won’t hear any mentioning matters,” CJI Ranjan Gogoi said. Slamming the lawyers, he added “500 cases are listed. Where are the judges? And you keep on mentioning….”

As many as 2.84 crore cases are pending in the subordinate courts while the backlog clogging the High Courts and Supreme Court (SC) is 43 lakh and 57,987 cases, respectively, OneIndia reports.

According to National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) statistics, UP tops the highest pendency with 61.58 lakh cases followed by Maharashtra (33.22 lakh), West Bengal (17.59 lakh), Bihar (16.58 lakh) and Gujarat (16.45 lakh).