‘When monkey became the king of the jungle’: Sanjay Sinha advises voters to choose their leader wisely to prevent Jungle Raj

In this episode, narrator Sanjay Sinha who brings a new anecdote every day through which he conveys a virtuous message to be incorporated in life, advises voters to choose their leader wisely. He says if you choose your leader on the basis of religion/caste or majority of votes this is what happens. He narrates a story of a forest where a large number of monkeys lived. All the animals lived together in harmony. Then they all decided to go for democracy and the animal with the most votes will be crowned king.

Since the monkeys were in majority, monkey scraped through with a clear majority of all the votes cast, and he was announced the king of the animal kingdom. Now the animals had no fear of tiger or elephant. Soon the forest had jungle raj. All animals started fighting with each other. Whenever any complainant would come to him he would just jump and perform somersaults. They decided to meet the monkey and discuss the situation. However the monkey said, he did what he does best?

Sanjay Sinha says if monkey becomes the king of the jungle however sincere his efforts may be, the result would be jungle raj only. If you vote on the basis of majority then you will end up choosing a king like monkey who can just somersault, jumps and that’s all. He advises voters to choose their leader wisely.

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