When Maulvi recited dua for Tripathi’s sister, and she recovered

Recalling the cosmopolitan culture of India, Dr Vipin Kumar Tripathi, Retd. Prof (Physics) IIT, Delhi, President Sadbhav Mission says common public had learnt to live with harmony.

Narrating a childhood incident, Mr Tripathi says, when he was in class IV, his sister was suffering from chickenpox. His father felt the pulse of the girl and said she would die by the afternoon. Tripathi went to school and said to his master, ‘Masterji my sister would die by afternoon today.’ Maulvi Ahmed Baksh who was a government master asked what happened to her. Tripathi said she is suffering from chickenpox.

Maulvi asked 5th standard students to mind the lower classes and went to Tripathi’s house for the first time. While going to the house Maulvi plucked a few neem leaves from the tree. He went inside the house. He recited a few duas from the Holy Quran, blew on the girl. Sprinkled neem-soaked water on her eyes. The girl blinked her eyes. Then he also came after Zohr and did the same. The girl opened her mouth a little bit. He asked Tripathi’s mother to pour some water in the girl’s mouth. Maulvi came to Tripathi’s house for two three days until the girl recovered.

Narrating the incident Mr Tripathi says, this is the culture of our country. Forget what Rajas or looters did. 70 pc of the farmers and the labourers of the country don’t eat away the country’s wealth but feed the country, adds Mr Tripathi.

Mr Tripathi is none other than the person who goes around Delhi-NCR with peaceful pamphlets spreading awareness about sensitive issues like Ayodhya, Article 370 of Kashmir, NRC etc.  He braves hate and abuse during his mission to spread peace.