WhatsApp: Here’re 10 best features of the app

San Francisco: Facebook-owned mobile messaging app WhatsApp had introduced many features to facilitate users to communicate and share data in a convenient manner.

Here are the 10 best features of the app

  1. Live location: In an attempt to help women and kids connect with their friends and family, Whatsapp introduced “Live Location” which enable users to share live location for a particular period of time. To share the live location, one has to tab on “attachment” icon in the chat box, then tab on “location” and finally select “Share live location”.
  2. Unsend: WhatsApp users can also unsend messages. To unsend, users need to select message which they want to delete, then tab on delete icon and finally select “Delete for everyone” option.
  3. Pinned chats: Using this feature, users can avoid scrolling down to text friends and family. Users can pin up to three chats. In order to pin chat, users need to tab and hold the chat and then select pin icon on the top of the app.
  4. Create GIFs: WhatsApp user can not only send GIFs but can also create it. These GIFs can be created using the videos already available on the phone. To create GIFs, tab on attachment icon in the chat box, select “Gallery” then video. Once the video is selected, the option to create GIF will appear on the top of the app.
  5. Image editor:  Now, WhatsApp users can edit the photo before sending. To access this feature, click on “attachment” icon in the chat box, tab “Gallery” and then select a photo to send. Once the photo is selected, the option to edit it appears.
  6. Language: WhatsApp users can now communicate in many Indian languages. To change the language, open WhatsApp, tab on Settings, Select Chats and finally tab on App language to select the desired language.
  7. Disable read receipts: You can disable read receipts. Click on “settings”>tab on “account”>select “Privacy”> finally uncheck “Read recepts”
  8. Disable auto-download: To avoid wastage of mobile data, you can disable auto-download of media. Click on “settings”> tab on “Data and storage usage”> set the desired option.
  9. Chat Shortcut: WhatsApp users can add chat shortcut so that they don’t need to open WhatsApp to talk to a particular person.
  10. Format text: You can change the format of the text used during the chat. To change it to bold, add “*” at the starting and ending of the message. To change it to italic, add “_”.