Whatsapp group ‘Polygamy’ created to deal with rising spinsters in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: In an attempt to deal with the problem of rising number of divorced women, widow and spinsters in the country, a group of marriage officials in Saudi Arabia have formed a group on WhatsApp to match make men with multiple wives.

According to a report, the officials have created the group with the name ‘Polygamy’. Admin of the group said that they have been urging men to take more than one wife in order to bring down the number of single women in the country.

They also disclosed that the service is free of cost and 900 women have already signed up to join the group. The oldest of the women was 55 year old and the youngest was 18 year old. The women have even provided details of their physiques, with heights ranging from 4’7″ to 5’10”, and weights between 7st 1lb and 15st 6lb.

It is to be noted that Mecca, Saudi Arabia witnessed rising number of divorces.