WhatsApp: You can soon send MP3 Files, Apps And More in Chats

As regular updates triggered for different social media Apps. WhatsApp might soon allow you to share anything over chats including apk files. WhatsApp is reportedly working on update which will allow you to send mp3 audio files, TS video stream files and other file formats. However, the only catch is that the maximum file size limit is 128MB. This feature will roll out to all platforms –Android, iOS and Windows.

WhatsApp is also reportedly testing a new feature which will allow users to “unsend” messages that they have sent to any of their contacts within a maximum time frame of five minutes. While there is no official confirmation, reports suggests that the new WhatsApp “message unsend” feature is being tested in a new beta version of WhatsApp Web.

Already, WhatsApp has announced a new update for its Android app which allow users to share multiple contacts in one go while chatting. Earlier, WhatsApp had allowed sharing of only one contact while chatting and users had to attach and send contacts on separate chats. With the new update, users can share as many contacts they want to share at once.

Also, WhatsApp is reportedly foraying into digital payment services in India. It is working to launch person-to-person payments in India in the next six months. The WhatsApp payment service will be supported by BHIM platform.