What is so special in this ‘BIRYANI’ that costs Rs 6,000/gm!

HYDERABAD: The City of Pearls is famous for its Biryani but no one has imagined that it will find its way in the illegal drug business.

According to India Express reports, the drug peddlers and buyers who usually avoid using the regular name of drugs have developed a variety of inventive ways to code-named these illegal drugs in the Pearl City.

Biryani’ especially popular in Hyderabad is code-named ‘Cocaine’ by drug consumers. Apart from this, it is also called as ‘Fish’ ‘Icepack’, and the popular name ‘coke’, said Assistant Excise Superintendent N Anji Reddy who supervised the case.

On Monday, Excise Department has arrested Abdul Hameed in connection with possession of the drugs and seized 31-grams from him.

According to the members of the enforcement team, since the cost of the drug is Rs 6,000 per gram, the rich kids or people from affluent families who want to go into drugs mostly buy it.