What not-to-wear to work revealed!

While adapting your wardrobe according to your workplace, make sure you choose wisely and not suffer a wardrobe malfunction at office. Here are certain ways to help you fit the mould and avoid a clothing malfunction.

To begin with, make sure your attire doesn’t expose your breasts or your midriff, and opt for a dress or a suit that covers you completely from chest to knee, Stuff.co.nz reported.

What you wear in your workplace sends a message about the type of person you are at work, so make sure you don’t go overload with junk jewellery or wear clothes that are too tight.

While wearing a skirt to office, avoid bandaid skirts and keep the length in mind, as constantly tugging at it looks very unprofessional, also, don’t forget to wear pantyhose along with it.

Closed-toe shoes are the most suitable office footwear, so avoid wearing high heels or thigh-high leather boots. (ANI)