“What Modi was carrying in his helicopter that he did not want India to see?” Opposition on suspension of IAS officer Mohsin

Saying that the poll body’s rules “do not exempt” PM’s vehicle from being checked, Congress on Thursday questioned the Election Commission order suspending a high-ranking poll official deputed to Odisha for allegedly checking the prime minister’s chopper.

Accusing the Election Commission of “bias” after it suspended Karnataka cadre IAS officer Mohammed Mohsin for what the poll panel said was “dereliction of duty” with regard to “SPG protectees”, the opposition party wondered what Modi was carrying in his helicopter that he did not want India to see.

Congress said on its official Twitter handle: “An official was suspended by ECI for doing his job of inspecting vehicles. The rule cited governs the use of official vehicles for campaigning. It DOES NOT exempt PM’s vehicle from being searched.”

It added: “What is Modi carrying in the helicopter that he doesn’t want India to see?”

The opposition party in its another tweet said: “After the case of the mysterious box being moved from Modi’s chopper, we’d have expected the Election Commission of India to investigate every flight.
“But suspending an official who did this reeks of bias.”

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel tweeted: “There have been instances where during polls EC was allowed to check convoys of both current & the former Congress President. SPG protectees can’t be frisked personally. Why suspend an officer for checking PM’s chopper? What message is being sent? Law is special for some?”