What does PrajaKutami promises

What does PrajaKutami promises

Hyderabad: The opposition Congress, TDP, CPI and the Telangana Jana Samiti, which formed a “grand alliance” for the December 7 Assembly polls in Telangana, on Monday released a common agenda for governance.

Here is the list:

• Justice to Telangana Martyrs
• Lifting of cases filed against activists in three months.
• Memorial park within one year.
• Recognition of martyrs and their families.
• Pension to activists.
• Library on Telangana movement.

• Strengthening Lokayukta as in Karnataka.
• Inquiry into contacts, the way contractors were awarded works.
• Panchayati Raj.
• Allocation of funds to panchayats, timely amendments for not suspending presidents for political reasons.
• Strengthening of State Finance Commission.
• Review of district and zonal systems.

• Implementation of Koneru Ranga Rao committee.
• Establishing BC Sub-Plan, implementation of SC, ST Sub-Plan.
• Implementation of Sachar, Sudheer committees for minorities.
• To pressure Centre for SC classification.
• Free power up to 200 units for eligible SCs, STs.
• Residential education for disable until junior college.
• Finance corporations to SC, ST, BC, women, minority, economically backward classes.
• Asara pension eligibility age to be reduced to 58.
• Stipend for lawyers for those in practice for more than 5 years.
• Rs 3000 allowance for unemployed youth.

• Employment calendar every year.
• One lakh jobs within a year.
• Free trPolytechnicyouth in district HQs.
• Unemployed with Polytechnic, degree and above will be eligible for allowance Equal pay for equal work to benefit contract and outsourcing staff.
• Abolishing of a contributory pension scheme and implementation of old pension scheme.

• Skill development for all traditional workers.
• Reservations of jobs local youth in the industries.

• Abolishing of private recruiting agencies.
• Recruitment through government agencies and training.
• Special NRI wing for those facing troubles in foreign countries.
• Working towards the establishment of Saudi Consulate in Hyderabad.
• Health and life insurance.

• Water policy will be announced.
• Completion of major irrigation projects in pace.
• Announcement of MSP during the seedlings.
• Loan waiver of Rs 2 Lakh.
• Establishing a market stability fund with Rs 10,000 crore.
• Rs 10,000 as investment for each farmer every year.

• Enhancing budget for education.
• End of corporate education.
• Commission for controlling fees in private schools.
• Timely fee reimbursement.
• Filling vacancies in government schools.
• Establishment of ITI/ Junior colleges in mandals, Polytechnic and degree colleges in constituencies and an engineering college, PG centre in district headquarters.
• Establishment of women, tribal universities.

• Free health check-ups, basti clinics in cities.
• Labour room, operation theatres, specialists in area hospitals.
• Tribal health care mission.
• Training for RMPs and issuing of certificates.
• Corporation for 104 and 108 ambulances.

• Free power for those using less than 100 units.
• Abolishing of telescopic bill in power sector.
• Regularization of house tax.
• Roads, water, buses for all the villages.
• Houses for poor.
• Development of Satellite townships.

• Protection of historical monuments and development as tourism centres.
• Encouragement for film industry, tax benefit for film with TS.
• Establishment of Telangana film institute.

• Quick permissions for the establishment of industries.
• Controlling industrial pollution.
• Encouragement to small and medium industries depending on Singareni.
• Bringing petroleum products under GST.
• Reopening of Nizam Sagars, Sirpur Paper Mills, Sarangapur Sugar Factory within one year.