What does Islam say about high heels?

Hyderabad: High heels, no doubt, give the illusion of an extra inch in your height. Also, some say it gives confidence as it helps one hide their insecurity. But it appears that Islam has a different take on wearing high heels.

In a video, Islamic speaker sister Andlib talks about wearing high heels.

She quotes a hadith (saying of the prophet) of Sahih Muslim, 5881- “A woman of Bani Israel clan, who used to be insecure of her short height in front of her friends, made a shoe of a wooden block to stand on par with her friend’s height. But Prophet Mohammad advised against it.”

YouTube video

Sister Andlib then points out some of the side effects of wearing heels. She says that it gives a fake illusion to people of a certain height.

 She goes on to say that the posture and structure changes when one walks in high heels. She argues that it captivates the attention of men even by its sound.

Citing scientific reason, she says it’s medically proven that wearing high heels does more harm to the body posture and especially the spinal cord in women who wear them for a longer time.