What does a Democrat win mean for the Trump government?

Washington: The Democratic Party registered a historic win in the midterm elections and regained control in the House of Representatives. This ground-breaking victory would ultimately lead to a contentious battleground for the 2020 Presidential elections.

The Democrat’s majority in the House, which has seen a record number of female and racially diverse lawmakers being elected, will prove to be a major hindrance for President Donald Trump and his policies. Democratic Committee chairpersons have promised to restrict Trump’s powers like the GOP (Republicans) has not done so far, CNN reported.

In an initial reaction to the Republicans’ win of the US Senate, Trump tweeted, “Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!”

The Republicans performed well in the deep red states where Trump rigorously campaigned to secure their voter base. His win in the Senate marks indicates towards a potent political force that Donald Trump still retains among the conservatives.

The elections further reflect on the reaction of the US citizens who have not agreed with Trump’s policies and agendas, especially the racial and cultural divides and the recently adopted anti-immigrant laws, undertaken during his two years in power.

The Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives with a majority of 221 seats, while the Republicans have won in the Senate elections leading with a majority of 51 seats, according to CNN. The results would be officially declared tonight.