WG panel recommendations neglected: Ecologist on Kerala floods

Pune: Ecologist Madhav Gadgil has revealed that the Western Ghats (WG) Ecology Expert Panel’s recommendations in 2011regarding the Kerala floods were never implemented as a result, forcing the state to undergo a deadly situation. He warned that Goa might also face a similar situation in future.

In the report submitted by his commission in 2011, the panel had alerted the government about the upcoming situation in several states including Kerala.

“Reviewing constructions of dams and roads along with quarrying, mining and various other interventions, our panel had given a series of recommendations in 2011 on precautions to be taken to avoid mishaps. Those recommendations were never implemented,” Gadgil told ANI.

Kerala faced the worst flooding in a century this monsoon season. The death toll due to the deluge went up to 357. The state has suffered a loss to the tune of Rs 19,512 crore.

“The responsibility of this fury can be assigned to all sections of the society. People are not aware of their own rights. The whole machinery of the government is driven by certain powerful vested interest and the same is responsible for all these problems,” Gadgil said.

He further said that Goa might have to face a similar kind of situation in the coming future.

“Justice Shah Commission’s report on Goa’s illegal mining says that there’s been no proper inspection of mines which has resulted in serious damage to biodiversity. Goa had and will continue to face the threat of natural disaster if present trends continue,” Gadgil said.