Didi gifts Rs.22 crore Ramadan special food package for Muslims

New Delhi: In a move to woo the Muslim community during Ramzan, Mamata Banerjee’s second term is set to be laced with freebies. She has clearly indicated her road map that reveals minority appeasement would continue.

In a first of its kind in the country, the West Bengal government will spend Rs 22 crore for distributing a special food packet named as ‘Ramzan package’ in a subsidised rate through its public distribution system.

The Ramzan package will include ingredients sugar, flour and chick peas which are commonly used to prepare the recipes for Iftar.

Speaking to the EconomicTimes, Jyotipriya Mallik, state food minister said, this is the first time that they have come up with such a scheme for Muslim brothers and sisters.

She said that,”But we are not restricting these food packets to our minority brothers only. Anybody with a card can avail these. The ration card will bear a stamp of Ramzan food package after availing the scheme.”