Weird: Man rapes minor, wife forced the duo to tie the knot, arrested

Bengaluru: In an unexpected event, the wife of a rapist forced him to marry the victim landing both of them behind bars.

According to reports, a Dalit minor aged around 15 years was raped by a painter followed by his wife forced him into marriage with the victim in order to save him from legal action.

However, the accused identified as Gangaraju, 32 belonging to Kumbara caste and his wife Dalit woman Pallavi aged 23 were arrested on Monday under provisions of the Child Marriage Act, Pocso Act and Protection of Civil Rights Act.

The wife is reported to she deserted her previous husband and married the accused a couple of months ago and were living at Hunasikote, near Tekal.

The wife’s 13-year-old cousin was allegedly raped by Pallavi’s husband when she arrived to stay at their house last week.

The accused allegedly raped and threatened her with dire consequences if she speaks about the incident.

Though the accused tried to conceal the crime, the crime news somehow reached child helpline in Malur who alerted the police.

At first, the girl denied when she was questioned by the Police officials but later narrated the incident when the officials visited her for the second time with a legal advisor and a counselor.