Wedding twist: Bride turns out to be missing daughter of groom’s mother

Jiangsu [China]: In a wedding twist, the mother of a groom was left in tears after she found out that the bride is her missing daughter. This incident has taken place in Suzhou, Jiangsu province of China.

According to a report published in New18, she recognized her daughter after seeing a birthmark on bride’s hand. Soon after finding the mark, she approached the bride’s family to find out the reality.

It was revealed that the bride was adopted when she was found by the roadside 20 years back. However, the fact was kept secret until the wedding day.

Although the bride was happy after finding her biological mother, she left confused as she was about to marry her brother.

The confusion came to an end when the groom’s mother revealed that she had adopted him when she was unable to find her missing daughter. She also gave consent to the marriage as they are not biological siblings.