Weaver’s training programme under Skill Development Scheme underway in Imphal

Imphal (Manipur) [India]: A 50-day long weaver training programme of the Kha-Nachou Handloom Cluster Third batch, under the Skill Development Programme under the Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) of Ministry of Textile, has been undergoing at Kha-Nachou, Bishnupur District in Manipur.
The training programme is being conducted by the Medha Handloom Enterprises (Implementation Agency) under the sponsorship of DIC, Bishnupur Department of Commerce and Industries. Altogether 25 weavers of the Kha-Nachou Handloom Cluster are participating in the programme.

Handloom industry in Manipur has been providing a significant number of educated and un-educated people, particularly belonging to the women folk, a livelihood for running their family, reducing unemployment and providing a booost to the economy of the state.

Out of the 61 clusters across the state, Medha Handloom Enterprises, has been amongst the fifty one clusters which is from the North East Textile Promotion Scheme.

Annually, the state Commerce and Industries department receives about Rs. 50 crores from the Government of India, which are being invested to such handloom clusters so as to bring certain returns and provide and create employment opportunities and promoting the economy of the state.

The state government has also introduced e-monitoring and evaluation system across the 61 clusters. (ANI)