Wearing wig during namaz, shaving others’ beards un-Islamic:Deoband

New Delhi:Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband has now advised Muslims against donning of wigs while offering prayers. Issuing a fatwa, the seminary said that the namaz is “incomplete” if one is wearing wig or artificial beard.

Confirming the report, seminary spokesperson Ashraf Usmani said that the wig prevents water from reaching the scalp, which further defeats the purpose of ‘vazu’ and ‘gusl’, as the body remains impure.

In the Muslim community, ‘Vazu’ is the mandatory washing of hands, face and head while ‘Gusl’ is cleaning of the entire body before offering namaz.

“If donning of the wig is so important, then one should take it off while performing ‘vazu’ or ‘gusl’ and later put it on during the prayers,” he said.

The fatwa came in response to a query by two persons, who run a salon in Badjia-ul-Haq locality of Deoband in western Uttar Pradesh.

The seminary also issued a fatwa against cutting somebody’s beard and termed it un-Islamic.