We voted for BJP with trust and this is what happens: Apple executive’s wife

"We had voted for the BJP with a lot of trust. When Yogi Ji became our chief minister, we were so happy. And this is what happens to us.”

We voted for BJP with trust and this is what happens: Apple executive’s wife

LUCKNOW: Kalpana Tiwari, wife of deceased Vivek Tiwari demanded justice for her husband, who was shot and killed by a Uttar Pradesh constable during a late night checking.

Kalpana has accused the police of being “trigger-happy”. She told reporters that she along with her two daughters Shibi and Sonu were informed of “an accident” and that her husband had been taken to the Lohia hospital.

“When we reached there we were told Vivek had died due to excessive bleeding,” she told the media, adding the bullet angle was not even revealed to the family.

Kalpana told ABP News, “Which law gave Uttar Pradesh police a right to shoot him? The cops are framing him saying he was in an inappropriate position when he was shot, but if he was wrong the cops should have arrested him from his residence.”

The widow later told ANI, that police had no right to shoot at her husband has demanded that CM Yogi Adityanath should explain to her and her girls why the 38-year-old Apple sales executive was dead.

“We were so happy when the Bharatiya Janata Party government was voted to power…when Yogiji became Chief Minister… And this is what happens to us.”

The incident happened at around 1.30 am when Tiwari was heading home after the launch of iPhone XS and XS Max along with Sana Khan, his colleague.

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Adityanath told the media that a probe had been ordered and it was “definitely not a police encounter”. He said, “if needed, we will not hesitate in ordering a Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the incident.”

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