We need to understand that we’re human first: Mahesh Bhatt

Mumbai: On this Teacher’s Day, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, while addressing the issues of depression, suicide, communal disharmony and alienation, subject of his upcoming film “The Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City”, said we need to understand that we are human first.

Mahesh Bhatt is an inspiration and a teacher to millions of aspiring filmmakers and actors. And now he is making his acting debut in “The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City”, which addresses many sensitive issues which exist in our society.

While interacting with the media here, he said: “The film handles the issues of loneliness, communal harmony and mental health in a positive manner. A Muslim man starts to live with a Hindu boy out of loneliness and depression.”

“The director has handled the plot and social dynamics with sensitivity and firmness. I would like to convey this message today to everyone and specially to the youth that we need to understand, we’re human first, I think that could be a solution for many problems our nation is facing.

“Suicide is a reality which the society refuses to deal with. I think we are in danger from ourselves, and we need to make people aware of it,” Bhatt said.

In the wake of mob-lynching, communal disharmony and alienation, Bhatt, who has given films like ‘Zakhm’ in the past, said that the Hindus and the Muslims must live in harmony for our nation to progress.

“If Hindus and Muslims in India don’t start living like two sides of a coin, they will soon perish. India has lots of colours, and one such colour is green, which represents Muslims, and it is part of our country. Muslims are getting alienated, which is dangerous for the destiny of a nation,” said Bhatt.

“The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City”, starring Mahesh Bhatt, K.K. Menon, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Neha Khan and Allisha Khan, is produced by Rajesh pardasani and directed by Tariq Khan.

The film is slated to release in October.