We need to learn a lesson from Mahatma Gandhi’s martyrdom

Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi never did injustice to anyone in his whole life. He was the apostle of ‘ahinsa’ and non-violence. The whole world used to praise him. Even for the freedom of India, he chose the path of non-violence and finally the Britishers had to surrender.

The great icon of non-violence would not have thought in his wildest dreams that the first one to be targeted by the unscrupulous elements after India became independent would be none other than the apostle of non-violence himself.

Pandit Nehru through several letters had tried to make Mahatma Gandhi aware of the dangerous situation. He told Gandhi Ji that RSS is giving training to its cadres. But Gandhi Ji had the utmost faith in his countrymen. He didn’t take the matter seriously.

The death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi teaches us the lesson that we would not let such a thing happen to any countrymen. We would promote his ideology of non-violence and would not let elements spreading violence flourish.