“We may become man-eaters if we eat non-veg food: BJP leader

BHOPAL: “If we have non-vegetarian food from childhood, we may become man-eaters”, said Leader of Opposition and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Gopal Bhargava on Wednesday while criticising the government’s recent move to serve eggs in mid-day meals.

Speaking to media persons on Wednesday, Bhargava said, “Bharat ke jo sanskar hain, Sanatan Sanskriti mein mansahaar nished hai. Agar bachpan se hi hum ise khaayenge toh bade ho kar nar bhakshi na ho jaayen [Eating non-vegetarian food is prohibited in our ‘Sanatan Sanskriti.’ If we have it from childhood then we may grow up to become man-eaters].”

“What else can be expected from a ‘malnutritioned’ government? They serve eggs, even to those who do not want them. We cannot force the people to eat anything,” Bhargava added.

Madhya Pradesh Women and Child Development Minister Imarti Devi on Wednesday told ANI that the Congress-led state government had decided to introduce eggs in mid-day meals offered to children in Anganwadis starting next month to tackle malnutrition.

Responding to allegations of the opposition, the minister, on Thursday said that eggs are not non-vegetarian food.

“They (opposition) can say what they want. If the doctors who treat malnourished children say that eggs are good for the health of children, then they are good. Also, eggs do not come in the category of non-vegetarian food, they come under vegetarian food,” she told media persons.