We have failed ourselves as ‘Muslim minorities’ – MANUU VC

There are different minorities existing peacefully in India across various states but how far did the Muslim minority has excelled though it was given a priority?

Incompetency, Hypocrisy, disrespect towards others are a few traits we as minority exhibit and demand privileges- the utter brutal fact lying underneath the ‘Muslim Minority’ badge.

This is the right question we need to ask ourselves, not only ourselves but our children as well. Are we actually working towards achieving our goals or is it we are only addicted to using the Minority card to get a job, education or even healthcare services?

Despite numerous privileges given to us as Minorities through reservations, top-religious minority varsities we have gravely failed to render ourselves eligible in almost each and every department be it social, health or education services and yet we complain about discrimination, inequality, prejudices against us!

How many times do you come across a Minority Muslim proving his ability through his knowledge, excellence, education?

How about this, ever noticed any other minority complaining about the same? Defying the odds, the other minorities have proved excelled themselves be it Christian minority or SC/ST caste, they have excelled in every department and are now sitting on top majority managerial important positions, be it government or private sector- another brutal, cold fact!

Excellence or performing the best is the only key to success or to beat the odds or even to overcome the minority barrier. If you can excel, you can definitely win many chances to exhibit your skills/talent.

We being Muslims are forbidden from Hypocrisy but how many of us can assure the same? When we lecture someone forbidding about some random thing do we inspect ourselves, have we forbidden that particular thing?

Neither does the Quran says to promote hatred or enmity. In fact, Muslims are commanded to be good of nature and behavior, a community that was brought for the welfare of the whole mankind. Do we follow the Quran’s basic rules, commandments?

Did the Messenger(PBUH) command his followers or the Muslim community to propagate hatred, enmity, ill-treatment towards any human life? Then aren’t we accountable for the deeds we do here against Islamic teachings is a question we need to ask ourselves day in and day out.

Courtesy: MANUU Vice-Chancellor.