We don’t belong to position seven: Jose Mourinho

Leeds: Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho is certain of the club improving their position on the Premier League table as he feels they do not belong to the seventh or eighth place.

“We know where we belong. Of course, we don’t belong to the second part of the table, where we were. We don’t even belong to position seven or eight, where we are the moment,” Goal.com quoted Mourinho as saying.

“We know where we belong and we believe, at the end of the season, we are going to be there. But if you can accelerate the process and get results that put you sooner rather than later in these positions, obviously this is the best that can happen to us. We need a bit of time,” he added.

Tottenham currently holds the seventh position on the Premier League table with 23 points.

The manager also admitted that they need to improve in many things.

“We need to improve in many things, and we are going to improve because we have the talent to improve, the desire to improve, so I’m sure we’re going to improve,” Mourinho said.

Tottenham will compete against Wolves in Premier League on Sunday.