We are silent because we trust our constitution because we have faith in our constitution: SDPI

New Delhi: The Social Democratic Party of India condemned the congregation of saffron parties in Ayodhya and describe it a threat to the constitution and the country. National Secretary of SDPI Tasleem Rahmani said not only Muslims of the country but the followers of other religions can also gather likewise, but we are silent because we have faith in our constitution and we don’t want to put our country in danger.

Mr Rahmani was speaking to the journalists at Press Club of India in New Delhi. He was accompanied by vice president of the party RP Panda, National General Secretary Abdul Majeed, Secretary Mohammad Shafi and Delhi in charge doctor Nizamuddin.

Dr Tasleem Rahmani slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his continuous silence and later his statement given in Alwar and said, Modi remained silent but he when he spoke he spoke against the court. He is talking as if he is not a Prime Minister of the country but the leader of some political party. His speech gives the message not to trust judiciary and stand up against it. Mr Rahmani said it is strange that the Ayodhya is the only city in which Muslims citizens of the country are not allowed to visit. If anyone reaches there, secret agencies hound them.

SDPI demands to stop hate mongering and Prime Minister and other Saffron organisation must apologize to the court. Speaking on the occasion, R P Panda said the demolition of the Babri Masjid was the example of Hindu terrorism.