‘We are Hindus and we are safe in Jamia’

New Delhi: Giving a real slap on the saffron brigades attempt to disrupt the peace. Responding to the sloganeering by some anti-social elements on gate no 7 of Jamia Millia Osmania two days ago, the peaceful Hindus students of Jamia gave a slap on the face of saffron forces and took out a procession. They were holding placards which read, I am Hindu and I feel safe in Jamia. Another poster read I am Hindu and I feel completely safe in Jamia.

Similarly, a number of students expressed solidarity. It must be noted that the saffron elements staged procession holding placards and shouting slogans saying Hindus are not safe in Jamia Millia. Just 24 hours after their nefarious game. Peace-loving Hindu students of Jamia exposed their polarization tactic. They shared the wonderful experience they had in the Jamia on social media platform like Facebook. They told that they were never discriminated.