WCD Ministry registers FIR against ICCW for financial fraud

New Delhi: The Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) registered an FIR against Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) for alleged financial fraud.

The Ministry explained that this step had to be taken after the ICCW’s financial integrity was questioned by the Delhi High Court during the hearings of a writ petition.

The court alleged that the ICCW had been working in clear violation of financial rules of the Government of India while utilizing the funds received. It has been ascertained that the ICCW has not refunded the unspent balance of rupees Rs 5,44,002 for the year 2015-16 and Rs. 83,99,852 and Rs 2,19,70,197 for the year of 2014-16 and 2015-16, respectively.

In view of this, the government dissociated itself from the ICCW and revamped the scheme of National Awards for children in 2018 to include bravery as an additional component in the Pradhan Mantri National Children Awards.

The WCD Ministry said bravery awards were organized by an NGO named ICCW. However, the government supported the winners also.

WCD ministry has shortlisted 26 awardees including one joint award for National Child Award now renamed as Bal Shakti Puraskar under the category of innovation, scholastic, sports, arts and culture, social service and bravery.

The National Selection Committee also finalized the names of two individuals and three institutions under National Child Welfare Awards category now renamed as Bal Kalyan Puraskar.

783 applications were received for the Baal Shakti Puruskar this year.