WB: This college charges ₹ 1 for admission to 21 UG courses

KOLKATA: To provide an economic relief to the students, a college in West Bengal has decided to charge students only Re 1 as admission fee to graduation courses.

A great move

Considering the financial difficulties faced by the parents due the dual disasters of COVID-19 pandemic and Cyclone Amphan, Rishi Bankim Chandra College in Naihati has set an example for all educational institutions across the country.

This might be the first college in the country that charges a fee as low as Re 1 for its 21 Under Graduate courses that usually varies from ₹3,500 to over ₹11,000 depending upon the subjects.

The fees for online forms will be Rs 60 as usual

First college in the country

“In Naihati and its adjoining areas, most of the applicants and students come from poor families. We all know how COVID-19 pandemic has ruined the lives of many poor people after they lost their jobs,” Dr Sanjib Kumar Saha, principal of the college told News18.

“Not only COVID-19, but Cyclone Amphan also hit the rural economy to its worst and left people struggling. Therefore, recently in our governing body meeting, we have all unanimously decided to stand by these people and take the responsibility to reduce the burden of their total admission fee by Re 1 for 21 Under Graduate courses in our college,” he added.

Golden opportunity

Speaking about the original course fee for the program, Dr Saha said, “For journalism and microbiology, the course fee is higher but now all come under one bracket of Rs 1.”

“We all know that this will be challenging but we have accepted this challenge looking at the smile on the faces of students who welcomed the decision wholeheartedly. This is a golden opportunity for poor but brilliant students to fulfil their dream to make it big in life,” he added.

Merit list

Students from humble backgrounds can avail this opportunity as the admission process is currently going online and list on the basis of merit will be published on August 17. 

The fees for online forms will be Rs 60 as usual.