WB scam: 4 acre Waqf property declared as private

Hyderabad: Corruption and irregularities have become rampant in Telangana Waqf Board. During land survey carried out by the government, a grave incident of irregularity came to light which occurred in May this year. 4 acre 5 guntas of Waqf land was declared as private property.

A letter was sent to Collector Malkajgiri district, on May 26, 2017, signed by Chief Executive Officer , Mannan Farooqui, the copy of which is available with Siasat. The letter declared the land under survey nos 648, 659 and 660 as non-Waqf. The letter stated that the three survey numbers do not come under Waqf. The letter gave reference of the application filed by Narsingh Rao resident of Malkajgiri. Narsingh Rao had requested to issue NOC in connection with the three lands.

Interestingly top secrecy was maintained while carrying out the proceedings that even the Waqf Board Chairman couldn’t come to know about the scam.

Surprisingly these survey numbers are recorded in Waqf gazette under Dargah Hazrat Mir Mahmood Pahadi Waqf land. It is shocking to note that the CEO has declared the land as non-Waqf despite the fact that those survey numbers are recorded in Waqf gazette.

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