WB pats N’ Sagar Modernisation works: Harish

A World Bank team today expressed satisfaction at the works of Nagarjuna Sagar project after making a field level visit to the site, Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao has said. The World Bank team also evinced keen interest to make a visit to the prestigious Kaleshwarm project that will develop the agriculture sector in North Telangana he said.

Along with the team of the World Bank the minister held a meeting at Jala Saudha and reviewed on the projects. Harish apprised the team of the works of the Nagarjuna Sagar and Kaleshwaram project.

The World Bank team has made field level visit of ayacut and related works under Nagarjuna Sagar project he said. The world team expressed content at the modernisation works of Nagarjuna Sagar project as they are going on in an efficient manner to irrigate last acre. Harish Rao informed that 98 per cent of modernisation works are completed so far and the rest will be completed by July. The works reduce significantly the ayacut gap to 5 per cent from 25 per cent he said.

The works he said will strengthen the distributor system, increase productivity and improve filed level efficiency. Nagarjuna Sagar project has a total of 6.40 lakh acres and 1.64 lakhs acres of non ayacut area. The works will reduce the time to two days from three days to distribute irrigation waters. (NSS)