WB BJP seeks Centre’s intervention to combat dengue outbreak in state

New Delhi[India]: West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh has written a letter to Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda seeking his intervention in dengue and chicken gunia outbreak in the state.

“I am compelled to request you to kindly intervene in this “Dengue Epidemic situation” in West Bengal immediately and please take necessary steps to provide relief to the people,” Ghosh said in the letter.

Ghosh also accused the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led sate government of neglecting the matter.

Expressing concern over the menace, Ghosh said that the disease has attained a level of epidemic in West Bengal.

“The danger out of this epidemic has become more acute since the state government is not ready to accept the enormity of the crisis. The overall attempt is to put the crisis under the carpet without combating the fall out of the epidemic,” he said in the letter.

The BJP leader further said that state health system has completely broken down and is incapable of combating the outbreak.

“State hospitals, district hospitals and local health centers are at present inadequately equipped to extend treatment to the patients. As a result majority of the patients are being sent back to their homes without any meaningful treatment,” the letter reads.

Training his guns at the Chief Minister, Ghosh said she is not even accepting that there is any epidemic of Dengue in West Bengal.

“Chief Minister, who also happens to be the In-Charge of Health Department, has declined to accept that there is any epidemic of Dengue in Bengal, and said -‘it is a conspiracy of the opposition political parties’.”

He also alleged that state government is instructing the hospitals not to write the word ‘Dengue’ in the prescriptions or in death certificates , and write ‘Unknown Fever’ instead .

He further accused the state government of creating fear among the doctors due to which they are unwilling to issue death certificates of dengue deaths.

Ghosh also asserted that there is also shortage of Dengue Test Kit, in government hospitals due to which the count of dengue infected persons and death is mounting rapidly.

“Estimated Dengue cases so far have crossed 50000. Although government only accepted a meager number of 18000 those have been diagnosed as dengue virus infected and declared that 34 have died till date out of which only 18 are Dengue confirmed. But the media reported that more than 100 already died due to dengue attack.

He also accused the State Health Department of subverting the ground reality by not conducting any research on the disease.

“No research and initiative by NICED conducted till date to detect unknown lever and fight dengue-chicken gunia epidemic in Bengal. There is no special drive from this national institute to create public awareness programme regarding Dengue – Chicken Gunia,” the letter added.(ANI)