Ways for men to nail their sneaker game

NEW DELHI: Sneaker fetish is something all men like to indulge in. However no matter how much expensive they are, this footwear always manages to make a way into a mans closet so this season nail your sneaker game properly.

Encouraging men to be on top of their shoe game,Tabby Bhatia, Director, Voganow.com and Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland list down five ways men can nail their sneaker game.

* Pair with statement free clothing: Sneakers may be the shoes that made men to do the unthinkable (pair sneakers with suits) but right now sneakers with bold designs and big logos are breaking all the style records. The trick to styling such statement sneakers is to play down your rest of the outfit a bit, just straight fit jeans and regular looking t-shirt will do.

* Rock the retro look: Recreating retro can be a difficult task to comprehend, however cropped trousers are a perfect way to give your shoes a new look. Pair them up with an overcoat and a simple t shirt or a sweatshirt to give a contemporary spin to your outfit. Another style switch you can make is by pairing your sneakers with luxurious wool trousers for an eye catching combination.

* High top sneakers: They have been around since forever and serve numerous purposes. They can be paired with jeans, chinos and also are ideal kicks for off duty looks. They can be paired with quirky socks for an interesting ensemble.

*Vibrant Hues: Sneakers in unusual tones like wine and burgundy can also be the right add-on to your dashing looks when heading out for a party with friends. Pair them with rugged jackets and denims that give you the right blend of oomph and comfort.

* Flaunt the military look: The military trend is a great way to inject energy and edge to on”s wardrobe. A hint of camo print can give a right attitude and uber cool style statement. One can stay on top of the style by opting for camouflage sneakers and pairing them classic black t-shirt and blue ripped jeans.