‘Way she targets me…’: Twinkle reacts to PM Modi’s ‘gussa’ remark

MUMBAI: Actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna on Wednesday reacting to social media comments on her actor-husband interviewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom she has often criticised, said she was rather pleased with the turn of events.

PM Modi speaking to Akshay Kumar on Tuesday in a “candid and completely non political” conversation took credit for maintaining peace in the Kumar-Khanna household.

Twinkle next day tweeted she was rather pleased as it showed that the Prime Minister was not oblivious to her existence.

In the interview Modi did not miss the fact that Twinkle has been caustic towards him and said that he keeps a close tab on the social media and follows the couple’s tweet.

“I come to know a lot of things from the social media. I even follow you and your wife and that’s how I know she gets really angry with me, which is good. Since all her anger is focussed at me, your family life must be quite peaceful,” Modi remarked.

Reacting to it, Twinkle, who goes by the handle mrsfunnybones on Wednesday tweeted: “I have a rather positive way of looking at this. Not only is the Prime Minister aware that I exist, but he actually reads my work.”

An avid social media user, Twinkle, in 2017, had criticised the Modi government for imposing hefty taxes on sanitary pads.

She juggles many roles as a mother, newspaper columnist, film producer, former film actress and interior designer. Her first book “Mrs Funnybones” sold over one hundred thousand copies, making her India’s highest-selling female writer of 2015.

On April 21, the ‘Khiladi’ actor posted a cryptic tweet that sent the entire ‘Twitterverse’ in a tizzy and sparked intense speculation on the motive behind the tweet. “Getting into an unknown and uncharted territory today. Doing something I have never done before. Excited and nervous both. Stay tuned for updates,” posted Kumar in the middle of election fever in India.

The tweet ballooned to over a 1000 retweets and even more ‘likes’ within a matter of minutes. Most speculated that Akshay Kumar had decided to take the political plunge, much like his ‘Aflatoon’ co-star Urmilla Matondkar did when she joined the Congress a few weeks ago.

The over 1 hour long video interaction between PM Modi and Akshay Kumar in the lawns of the latter’s residence in 7 Lok Kalyan Marg was conducted with a caveat – a non-political theme, delving into life of Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister was aired now.

Watch the video here:

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