UP: Waterlogging forces schools to shut in Azizpur town

Agra (Uttar Pradesh): Heavy rainfall in Azizpur town of Agra district has led to massive waterlogging in several parts of the town on Wednesday.

The relentless rain created chaos in the area promoted few schools to declare holiday for a few days. Locals are also facing trouble to commute to their respective workplace as the rain has damaged the roads leading to traffic snarls.

Not only that, overflowing drains and garbage dump can commonly be seen in this area.

“Each year we face the same issue. This year also we are not able to attend the school as the building is deluged in water. We had earlier filed a complaint regarding this but no action was taken by the authorities, said a student of a primary school in Azizpur town of Agra district.

“We are poor people and thus cannot send our children to private schools. The problem of waterlogging here has been not resolved by the authorities from the past 15- 20 years. People are migrating from this place. Our children are also not able to attend the school, ” said another local of Agra.

Apart from Azizpur, heavy rains in Kanpur has also led to massive water-logging in several parts of the city on Wednesday. Several parts of Kanpur were deluged in water, making it more difficult for the school students and the general public to move out of their house.