Water tanker at phone call for builders but people deprived of water

Hyderabad: The residents of Ghouse Nagar, Noori Nagar, Mohammed Nagar, Ismail Nagar, Millath Nagar and Jahangirabad by water from water takers in a week whereas builders get a water tanker at one phone call. The drivers of the water tankers collect Rs. 10 for each barrel of water. Every family has to take 3-4 barrels of water. In this way the family spends nearly Rs. 500 per month for water. Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Works constructed a big water tank near Ghouse Nagar but it is not supplying water to the local residents. The local residents are the daily wage workers. On the day of arrival of water tanker, these labourers do not go to work. In this way they lose one day’s wages. The local residents pointed out that water tankers supply water to the builders by accepting bribe from them.



–Siasat News