Water scarcity major issue in Valsad, women walk miles for drinking water

Valsad: Jeevika, a woman residing in Valsad region has to walk miles every night to get to the nearest stream. If she does not, she and her entire family have to go without water.

The scarcity of water in the area becomes more severe when the temperature is constantly on the rise. However, the families residing in Valsad, have no choice but to walk a long distance to fetch water from the handpump located kilometres away from the area.

“We do not have enough water to fulfil our needs. We are not able to wash our clothes regularly. Every night we have to go very far to fill our pots,” Jeevika said.

“There is a water scarcity in the area. We work during the day, so take out time in the night to collect water. We’ve to wait for around 2 hours to fill one pot of water,” said another woman.

Suresh Jogani, a social worker, said, “Each year people residing in this area face severe water crisis. Women are only able to get two to three pots of water each, every day. I have spent my own money to take out rallies but no leader paid attention to it.”

In Chhattisgarh’s Balrampur area, villagers are facing similar issues. Due to acute water shortage in the region, villagers here are forced to use water from a pond which is also the source of water for animals in the region, and thereby prone to contamination.