Water Polo Tournament organised in Manipur

Kongba [Manipur]: A four-day long Water Polo tournament was organised by an organisation in Manipur.

The event was organised by ‘The Welfare of the Youths Liberal and Conduct Organization’ (WYLCO) with an aim to ensure development and longevity of water polo game in the region.

Konsam Dinesh Mangang, the General Secretary of the organisation said, “We do not have many sports swimmers and have very few people to promote. As the game is dying, to revive it, we have formed this tournament to support the players. We do not have any support from the government.”

WYLCO is a local club from Kongba that works to promote and develop the water polo game which has been almost losing its foothold in the state.

The club has produced 10 International Water Polo Sports players and more than 40 players have already got a placement at different organisations, including Military and Para Military forces, railways, navy, air force and other services.

One of the participants of the tournament said, “As for now we have four to five clubs. Four clubs have been recently represented. This tournament is good enough for junior swimmers to get medals and after this, most end up going to Border Security Force (BSF) and other services. Since there is not much help from the government (financially), it’s very difficult to train players. In the initial stage at least five to six teams participated, however, this time four teams participated in the championship.”

Moreover, to encourage and motivate the youth, the local club has been awarding the players with cash prizes and trophies in different categories at different levels of the championship.