Water from holy places including Masajid, Dargahs, brought for Amaravati

Water from various holy places of the country was brought for the proposed site of Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Amravati. Soil and water from holy places of all religions were sprinkled at the site giving the impression that the government believes in secularism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented soil from parliament and water from the Yamuna.

Water and soil were also brought from Muslim sacred places like Makkah Masjid, Dargah Ajmer Shareef and Dargah Hazrat Makhdoom Shah, Kadapa

The foundation stone for the state’s new capital, Amaravati, was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The state government brought soil and water from all 16,000 villages and water from holy places belonging to all religions both in India and abroad for use in the development of Amaravati.

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