Water bodies deplete: Crisis of drinking water in Hyderabad likely

Hyderabad: In the catchment areas of Hyderabad and Krishna and Godavari Basins, rain has been insufficient. Hyderabad is heading toward drinking water crisis. Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has already warned GHMC that due to the low level of water bodies, it would stop the supply water through emergency pumping from August onward. It has also warned GHMC that the efforts of the Govt. to restore groundwater level have been dissatisfactory since GHMC officials failed to take interest. The South-West monsoon is also delayed. City had very little rains and the forecast of the Met. Office is also not satisfactory.

In such a situation, the present quantity of water in the water bodies would be sufficient only for 60 days. If there is no rain during these 60 days, there will be crisis of drinking water. Generally, during the month of June, 11 cm rain is expected but this time only 0.46 cm rain occurred.

–Siasat News