Water birth less stressful, say City docs

Hyderabad: City doctors talk about various delivery options on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which will be celebrated on Tuesday. There are latest trends in which we can modify the existing delivery patterns to make it more comfortable for the mother as well as baby. This is also called as assisted delivery. Citing few of the latest techniques, consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at Apollo Health City Dr Vimee Bindra said, “Some of the latest techniques include water birth in which the patient experiences a part of labour or delivery in warm water.

Giving birth under water may be interesting to you as it is less stressful for the mother as well as the baby. It’s easier to move inside water as compared to movements on bed so it may make the labour little less painful as compared to normal labour without water. Painless labour or epidural analgesia is a way of providing pain relief during labour. An injection is given in epidural space in the back that delivers continuous pain relief to the lower part of the body while you remain fully conscious.

It decrease sensation but doesn’t result in total lack of feeling.” Sharing few pointers about the advantages of choosing few techniques, she said, “Advantages of epidural analgesia are that it provides effective pain relief. The dose, amount and strength of analgesia can be controlled. Medication does not reach the baby as it has local effect and in case of emergency, analgesia can be converted to anesthesia for cesarean delivery anytime.”

Speaking about the other methods, gynaecologist Dr D Padma said, “Vaginal delivery is the most common route of delivery and cesarean section which is a way of delivering baby abdominally can be used as an emergency procedure. Both are most common delivery options and it is important for women across the city to know the choices available to them as they should choose what is best for them.”