Watch: Woman falls out of swing, mid-air dangles caught on cam

Paris: A woman had a near death experience recently when she fell off the swings safety harness and was dangling in air by her feet still inside, in a ride called “The Adrenaline” in a Fair in Paris. Seen in the mobile footage, the woman with her friend was helplessly swinging to and fro by her feet in the air nearly hitting her head to the elevated platform, while the visitors watched in horror.

Two of the fair workers can be seen trying to help the woman swinging by her feet by the harness at great speed.

According to the reports, the workers and the onlookers were successful in saving the woman and landing her down safely once the swing halted. The woman suffered no injuries but was terrified.

An investigation is being held to find out the real cause behind the incident, was the management of the ride responsible or the woman herself. “Irresponsibility and carelessness” could be the reason for the harness detaching, a spokesperson for the fair tells French news outlet BFM .

The ride is currently closed down for Safe keeping.