Watch Video: Aache Din for policemen: Bhakts beats up men in uniform

In what appears to be chilling cases of hooliganism, ASI Yunus Shaikh in Maharashtra Latur district was physically assaulted, humiliated and paraded by one right-wing fringe group.

The Hindutva activists brutally thrashed him with iron rods and sharp knife-like objects till he fainted but also forcibly made to say, “Jai Bhawani. Jai Shivaji.”.

He stopped the Hindutva outfit from hoisting saffron flags, which is officially marked as a ‘communally sensitive’ region.

Whereas in case of woman traffic constable in Thane who was assaulted by a Shiv Sena member for the reason that he was using his mobile phone while driving.

According to TOI, when the woman constable asked him to show his driving licence and vehicle documents, the Shiv Sena member, Kalgude started abusing her. Kalgude then slapped her over and over again by holding collar and punched her so hard that her nose started bleeding.

The only fault of the Younus and the traffic woman constable was that they were performing their duty sincerely.

PM Modi maintained a mystifying silence over the shameful attacks. These incidents were viewed as national embarrassment and accounts for Modi’s government contribution to a climate of growing intolerance.