Watch: Swami Om claims that Salman Khan isn’t getting married because he is suffering from disease – Find out the disease

Mumbai: Swami Om made another shocking remark on Bollywood Superstar and popular Bigg Boss host, Salman Khan.

In a video Om Swami can be seen making shocking allegations against Salman Khan. He openly claimed that Salman Khan is suffering from the sexually transmitted disease. He also claimed that Salman Khan got married in London and has a daughter too.

Crossing all limits, he said Salman Khan has AIDS and that is why the actor is not getting married.

Speaking to the news anchor, Swami Om said he cures cancer and AIDS patient from a particular medicine which he prepares during Navratri Kanya Pujan. He said he even offered Bigg Boss 10 makers to cure Salman of his AIDS.

Earlier, during one of the interviews since his ouster from Bigg Boss 10 house Om Swami claimed Salman Khan then called him to the smoking room where there were no cameras. “He was heavily drunk. He told me: ‘I have a bigger sena than your Hindu Mahasabha.’ I asked, ‘How?’ He said that Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar and Abu Salem are all his friends and ‘I (Salman) am an ISI agent. I work for them’.”

Salman Khan said, “Swami has gone out of the house and now, he’s making India crazy. Bawla ho gaya hai woh (He has gone mad).”