Watch: Singer Abhijeet to Rifat Jawaid ‘Saale, tumhare jaison ko log chauraahe pe peetenge’

Mumbai: Former Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya on Monday threatened of physical harm to’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid on ABP News during a live debate.

He had said, “‘Saale, tumhare jaison ko log chauraahe pe peetenge’”

The gutter language by Abhijeet against the veteran journalist was widely condemned on social media platform.

Rifat Jawaid has been praised by online users for handling the frustrated Abhijeet in a very logical, polite and passionate way.

The controversy started after Chaturvedi and Rifat Jawaid objected to a tweet by Abhijeet on the murder of an Infosys techie in Chennai.
In his post, Abhijeet had tweeted saying the murder was a result of “love jihad”.

Rifat on ABP news alleged the self-proclaimed nationalist by calling India a ‘ghatiya’ and ‘ghulam’ country, mocked India’s independence.

This exposes his hypocrisy and claims on fake nationalism.

What will be the consequences if the similar utterances were made by a member of India’s minority community?