Watch: Pregnant woman left in pain, as another woman takes her car keys away

When an ‘Audi’ car become more important than a pregnant woman’s life?

GHAZIABAD: After seeing this cruel video, one will definitely say that ‘Humanity put to shame’, once again.

A husband with his pregnant wife in labour was on his way to hospital was driving the car in hurry accidentally bumped into a Audi causing a minor damage to the vehicle.

The Audi driver, also a woman annoyed over the incident and went into an argument with the man. She later snatches away the keys leaving the pregnant woman stranded in pain which is so visible in the video.

The incident happened at NH 58 from Ghaziabad to Moti Nagar.

The 1: 37 seconds video of the incident  posted on Facebook shows bystanders tried to explain the consequences of the situation and arguing with her to return the keys, but she stubbornly refused to do.

Even the police intervention didn’t change her mind. It was only after the crowd turned violent, she is seen throwing the keys.
The netizens shamed her for her behaviour.