Watch: People abuse Swami OM after his exit from Big Boss

NEW DELHI: Self-proclaimed godman Om Swami finally thrown out from the high voltage reality show, but audiences are angry and abusing him after his eviction.

Post his exit from Bigg Boss 10, a Hindi news channel “Sudarshan News” called Om Swami on its show ‘Chalte Chalte for a lengthy discussion.

The audience who were in the park accused Om Swami for making a mockery of Hindu religion, portraying godmen in a wrong fashion, promotes obscenity, use derogatory remark.

They alleged him of throwing his urine on Bani J and Rohan Mehra during a task.

Viewers are disgusted, highly annoyed with what happened inside the Bigg Boss house.

They strongly condemned Swami Om’s behaviour who, with his filthy act stoops so low in the history of Big Boss to win the task.

Om Swami accused the makers of kidnapping him, spiking his food, supplying drugs to the female contestants in the Big Boss house.

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