Watch: “No Nikah, no Pheras” – A unique inter-religion marriage

New Delhi: Dubai-based couple Junaid Shaik and Garima got married recently but their marriage was a different one. There was neither nikkah nor pheras.

According to news reported in DC, couple knows each other for a long time. Initially, they thought that their religious difference would come in their way. However, they were happy when their parents agreed for their marriage.

After getting approval from their parents, they decided to marry in different fashion with no nikah and no pheras.

In the video, Junaid Shaikh said, “We’re not doing a nikah, we’re not doing pheras, we are just having a celebration. It’s a celebration of two cultures and two families”.

Video which was posted on 17th April went viral and viewed by over 39,000. One of the Facebook user commented, ‘Awwww…This video can only bring a smile and tears of joy! Mabrook mabrook Junaid and Garima.’ while another said, ‘Amazing video Garima Joshi and Junaid Shaikh… May God bless you both with all the happiness’.